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Posted 9 Aug 2004 20:27:09 -0700 to alt.music.polkas by Lenny Gomulka. Reprinted by permission.

Concertina music has always been big in upper Wisconsin and Minnesota, etc., because of its heavy association with the Dutch and German orchestras of the 30's & 40's. As far as Chicago, there was an area called "Polish Broadway" better known as Division Street on the near north side which was the single largest influence on Polish concertina music anywhere. It was in this area mostly during the 40's and early 50's that players made names for themselves and influenced the Polish Polka field. Those names include Eddie Zima, Casey Siewierski, Stas Zombeck, Gene Lind Lipchinski, Matty Krengiel, Ted & Johnny Dudczyk, Mlody Adolf, Wally Banks, Li'l Wally Jagiello and dozens upon dozens of others. The concertina craze in Polish music was born in Chicago and it highly influenced to the east and nationally what we're seeing today. By the way, the original accordion & concertina combination playing together in a Polish polka band was with Jerry Pietranczyk & the Polka Sharps of Chicago with Wally Maduzia on concertina and Jerry Pietranczyk on accordion. The east coast was largely influenced by technical accordionists and Polish concertina bands were rare. I think what we see today in the Polish polka field is the result of Polish fans loving concertina music and enjoying the Chicago dancing tempos, which pretty much rule.