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From an email September 26, 2005, used by permission.

Just wanted to add a little to the discussion [of the Bernie Witkowski CD World's Greatest Polka Band].

Before Dana, Bernie recorded for a label called "Standard". His band went through a number of changes thru the years and some people I know think the Standard years were his best.. These were 78's that I had a chance to hear and I agree. These would have been from the early 40's or so.

Back in the 60's, some of this stuff was re-released on a "Colonial" lp, mono. I had it but it grew legs, my kids, I guess. :=( The liner gave no info on "Colonial" but on the bottom was "Standard Record Co." This was a very decent sounding LP.

This could be the source of the Stan-Dot CD. I bought a Kryger tape once that sounded like someone taped on/from a portable, it turned out to be a bootleg. Could be the same thing here.

A question. Is the sound that of a trio or a full orchestra? If a trio, then I'd bet on the above.

BTW, Interesting site. I've always liked the music of H-C Lumbye but couldn't locate any 'cause I had the wrong spelling of his name. Thanks for that.



[Nos says: It wasn't a trio. See what Gene Mikrut and Ken Doyle have to say.]