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The following was supplied by Ed Klancnik, Sept. 24, 2004:

I've enclosed a copy of the new release we talked about this summer. It is a split album by my father, Gaylord Klancnik, and previous Grammy winner, Walter Ostanek. The odd-numbered tracks are the ones we were responsible for. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your comments. Here are a few pieces of background Information you might be interested in:

Track 1 - Hawaiian Polka -- The rhythm guitar and ukulele were played by "Cowboy" Jack Clement. He discovered Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Pride. He is most known for producing Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.

Track 3 - The Good Old Days Are New Again Polka -- The lyrics were written by Jeff Lewis and Mike Owens. They are both close friends of mine and Mike Owens is the director of A&R at Universal South Records in Nashville.

Track 5 - Dancing Doll Polka -- The fill accordion was played by Peter Soave, He ts a four-time world champion accordionist who performs with symphony orchestras throughout Europe. Peter Is also a professor of music at Wayne State University (Detroit) during his off-season.

Track 7 - My Beautiful Slovenia Waltz -- The selection was written by Vilija Petric, who we met in Europe this past May. He is currently the director of operations for the National Symphony of Slovenia. The lyrics were translated into English and then cleaned up by my sister, Laura.

Track 15 - S.O.S. Polka -- The concept came from Tony Paoletta who plays steel guitar for the Grand Old Opry. The fill accordion is played by Joey Schmidt who is currently on the road with Joe Nichols. He was Vince Gill's piano player for 11 years and was also the child accordion prodigy seen many times on The Lawrence Welk Show. Joey recorded a couple albums with Myron Floren when he was a kid.