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Quoted from a posting by Tom Brusky on the Wisconsin Polka Music Discussion Board. Used by permission.

"Wisconsin's Slovenian polka music circuit does have a "Wisconsin sound",
but that's not to say all bands fit within that description. It's primarily
characterized by an easy tempo, clean styling, and an electronic accordion
bass. Bands like Scott Bixby, Normie Dogs, Mike McIntyre, and Mike Austin
are good examples of bands that play a Wisconsin style... a style that
caters perfectly to Wisconsin dancers.

"Many of Wisconsin's Slovenian-style bands are hybrids between a Wisconsin
style and other styles. For example, I can put together a three-piece band
and plod through "Let's Have a Party" at 117 beats per minute, but I'd
rather put together a five-piece band and wail through "Hammer Key Polka" at
124. (The only problem is that in Wisconsin's Slovenian circuit, nobody can
afford to hire a five-piece band, and nobody wants to dance at 124 beats per