Time Warner Cable Channel chart -- Basic cable, Northern Manhattan, No cable box

If you don't have a cable box, it can be hard to figure out what channels you get and what numbers you need to enter to view them. If you have Basic Cable service, it's even harder because the published program guides show channels you don't get. Hopefully these charts will help.

Time Warner 
Cable channel
Programming Over-the-air channel
(OTA channel)
002 CBS Channel 2 WCBS
004 NBC Channel 4 WNBC
005 FOX Channel 5 WNYW MyFOX
006 C-SPAN  
007 ABC Channel 7 WABC
009 myNetworkTV Channel 9 WWOR MY9
011 CW Channel 11 WPIX CW11
013 PBS (Educational) Channel 13 WNET
016 MNN  
021 Educational Channel 21 WLIW
022 TBS   
025 NYC-TV 25 Channel 25 WNYE
031 ION  
034 MNN  
040 TV Guide  
041 Univision (Spanish) Channel 41 WXTV
047 Telemudo (Spanish) Channel 47 WNJU
050 Food Network  
Time Warner 
Cable channel
Programming Over-the-air channel
(OTA channel)
055 Independent Channel 55 WLNY-DT
056 MNN  
057 MNN  
060 HSN (Shopping)  
065 Namaste (Indian), Asian, RAI (Italian), Sinovision (Chinese), other ethnic and CSN (Shopping) Channel 63 WMBC
068 TeleFutura (Spanish) Channel 68 WFUT
069 QVC (Shopping)  
070 Access Mayor -- NYC-TV 74  
071 OTB (Racing; 24 hr) -- NYC-TV 71  
073 CIN (Carribean), Asian, OTB (Racing)
075 CUNY-TV -- NYC-TV 75  
078 Shop NBC  
094 City Drive Live (Traffic) -- NYC-TV 93  
098 NY1  


Time Warner 
QAM channel
Programming Over-the-air channel
(OTA channel)
0 A&E  
1-002 CBS Channel 2 WCBS
1-004 NBC Channel 4 WNBC
1-005 FOX Channel 5 WNYW MyFOX
1-007 ABC Channel 7 WABC
1-013 PBS (Educational) Channel 13 WNET
1-014 Kids-13 (Children)  
1-015 v-me (Spanish)  
1-028 US (Universal Sports)  
1-029 Weather Plus (NBC 4)  
1-030 ABC  
58-001 TBS  
59-001 TV Guide  
59-002 NY1  
82-002 Audio  
83-001 Public television (NJ) WNJN
83-002 Religious - Catholic - EWTN  
83-003 Ads for "On Demand"  
84-001 Infomercials, shopping Channel 48 WRNN
84-002 Leased access?  
84-003 iaTV (Asian)  
93-001 myNetworkTV Channel 9 WWOR MY9
101-001 Educational Channel 21 WLIW
101-002 NYC-TV  
101-003 Shop NBC  
101-004 ION, Shop CSN  
101-005 HSN  
101-006 Namaste (Indian), Asian, RAI (Italian), Sinovision (Chinese), other ethnic and CSN (Shopping) Channel 63 WMBC
101-007 OTB (Racing; 24 hr) -- NYC-TV  
101-008 Foreign -- NYC-TV (the same as analog 73?)  
Time Warner 
QAM channel
Programming Over-the-air channel
(OTA channel)
101-009 Access Mayor -- NYC-TV  
101-010 CUNY-TV -- NYC-TV  
101-011 City Drive Live (Traffic) -- NYC-TV  
101-012 AANtv (Auctions)  
101-013 QVC  
101-014 C-SPAN2  
101-015 C-SPAN  
104-001 AccuWeather (ABC 7)  
110-001 Adult  
110-009 Arabic  
111-001 Religious Channel 66 WFME
(digital 29)
114-001 Music Choice  
115-001 ESPN  
117-001 Univision (Spanish)  
117-002 Telemundo (Spanish)  
117-003 TeleFutura (Spanish)  
117-004 CBS Channel 2 WCBS
117-005 MSNBC  
117-006 FOX Channel 5 WNYW MyFOX
117-007 ABC Channel 7 WABC
117-008 myNetworkTV Channel 9 WWOR MY9
117-009 CW Channel 11 WPIX CW11
117-010 PBS (Educational) Channel 13 WNET
125-001 Independent Channel 55 WLNY-DT (digital 57)
125-002 MNN  
125-003 MNN  
125-004 MNN  
125-005 MNN  
125-006 Religion  
125-007 Shop NBC, foreign  


What kinds of channels are there?

Channel: Television broadcasters receive their frequency assignment from the FCC. To make it easier for home users, the frequency bands were given "channel" numbers. For example, WCBS-TV broadcasts in the 54-60 Mhz band, which is designated as Channel 2.

Digital Channel: Under the new digital television scheme, most broadcasters are being moved to new frequency bands with new channel numbers. For example, WCBS is already broadcasting in digital as WCBS-DT. Their digital channel is 56, which is the same frequency band as UHF channel 56: 722-728 Mhz. Antennaweb.com calls the digital channel a "frequency assignment"; avsforum.com calls it the "actual channel."

Digital Virtual Channel: Many broadcasters have spent decades promoting their channel numbers to the public and needed  a way to maintain their old brand identity in spite of the new assignments. Also, because of the compression and multiplexing available with digital, broadcasters can now transmit multiple program services within their assigned frequency. To accommodate both legacy branding and multiple simultaneous feeds, a system of digital virtual channel numbers has been established. It consists of a number and a decimal. For example, WCBS-DT's main programming service is called Channel 2.1. The "2" represents the old VHF channel number they have used for over 60 years, and the "1" designates the first subchannel. If WCBS were to add Spanish-language programming, they might designate it Channel 2.2. Note that there is no standardized name for the digital virtual channel. On Wikipedia, it's called a "digital channel"; on antennaweb.com, it's called a "channel"; on avsforum.com, it's called a "virtual remapped channel."

QAM Channel: Cable systems distribute their programming using a technique called QAM. QAM channel numbers are chosen by your cable company and have nothing to do with the FCC-assigned channel numbers. If you don't have a set-top box, you select your programming using the QAM channel numbers above. If you do have a set-top box, ignore QAM and use your cable operator's program guide.

What is PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol)?

Over-the-air broadcasters transmit PSIP data to tell digital TVs which digital virtual channel corresponds to which digital channel.

What channels do I get on cable?

Assuming you have no cable box and Time Warner's Basic Cable service, you'll be able to view the unscrambled channels. Those are your local broadcast stations plus whatever other programming services Time Warner chooses to provide. You may also be able to view some of the local stations in high definition. 

Terminology: Unscrambled cable channels are called "clear QAM." Local broadcast stations that the cable companies are required to carry are called the "must-carry" stations.

How do I enter a channel number?

It depends on your television receiver, but you can probably drop leading zeroes. Also, sometimes a period may be used in place of the hyphen.


For a list of broadcast bands (frequency assignments) and their corresponding channels, see http://www.csgnetwork.com/tvfreqtable.html or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_broadcast_television_frequencies

Over-the-Air Digital Television Reception FAQ: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=6652075&&#post6652075

Clear QAM: https://answers.launchpad.net/me-tv/+question/30257

Find your local OTA stations: http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/welcome.aspx

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