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Hi, Nos! Was just looking at your McC website—funfunfun!!! I esp. liked the

picture of the C & PUs flyer you did for me. It still looks great! Off the

subject: Main St. Theater is taking phone reservations for "BBB" starting

Fri. (19th). They expect it to sell out (all those kids in the cast & all their friends), so you should call soon. Jacob should really like this one.

And wait till you see me in my Shelly Winters dress & dorky hats—did

someone say the word, "plotz"??? **** I’m sure i’ll think of more stuff for

"Recent Additions", but here’s a start: ***Murray’s—how come i didn’t know

about credit?? Mainly, i remember their chicken roll sandwiches, which

looked like something outta the Stage Deli & was about $3. ***

Cleopatra—didn’t you guys go there? You must have, ‘cause the first time i

went there was with Marty, which was also my first falafel. Thanks, M, for

expanding my culinary horizons (not to mention my waistline)! Used to go

there a lot. Great cooking—cucumber soup, lamb w. string beans, King’s

Palace dessert (white bread soaked in red syrup—sounds terrible, tasted

better)-- good prices, and nice waiter from Ankara. *** Hatuey (pronounced

incorrectly as "hatch-away")--my first CCC ("Comidas Chinas y Criollas")

place. ??Como se dice "greasy spoon" en espanol?? *** Snack King: Wasn’t

that called "Burger King" at some point? Kept everyone going when they

needed B&F’s in the middle of the night (wasn’t it 24 hrs.?) *** Lest we

forget: EUROPA—i remember going there for breakfast with you, Bob, &

Suzanne. We were frequently not nice to one of the waiters (Nos prob.

remembers)(mainly laughing behind his back—oh, for the long-lost un-PC

days!!). **** Souen: Nos brought a bunch of us there when it first opened

circa ‘71--macro, just like it still is. **** Nos, are you still doing

garbanzos & canned (Armour?) Vienna sausage? To this day, you’re still the

only person i’ve ever seen eating them (canned VS—i know it’s just hot

dogs, but it’s canned!!!). Chickpeas are acceptable. *** This would be a

good place to post the story about Bob, Suz., and me starving on FI, but

it’s already up someplace. *** Has anyone admitted remembering the names of

the FDR/WW pigeons? I know, but i ain’t telling (their descendants are all

over RI). *** I told you about Vera O. (MM’s ex-SO) winning a trip around

the world from Time-Warner Cable, didn’t i? What happened to her & JM? ***

I would have a copy of the warehouse trivia quiz somewhere if only i hadn’t

lost a lot of personal stuff when various people threw it out (i know i

saved it, since i wrote it—i think). *** This is something weird that

happened to me re Suzanne a few years ago. It was the middle of the night,

Christmas Eve (already Xmas). I was three-quarters asleep when i had 2

"visions" (i don’t know what else to call it). I know i was awake and it

wasn’t a dream, because i kept opening my eyes to check. With my eyes

closed, i saw this: little pastel-colored squares (like pixels)(pink &

blue)(i think that these might be Nirvana—not the band—colors)(in chakras,

it’s peace & communication/third eye)moving inward to form a picture. One

was a cat i had when i was growing up. The other was Suzanne. They were very

twinkly images—ethereal. I don’t have dreams like that. It was pretty

heavy—cried, etc. No kidding, Nos.—Gotta go.—love, k